in darknes my heart was won :)

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i was a witkin 4 yeerz until i got band from sum comunitayz 4 wriiten their.

witkinz r meen ppl so i m a satinist now!!!


i gess this meenz i 1/2 2 start lissanin 2 black mettal now n.e. rekkamandashinz?

i had 2 repoast this sins some meeny named dethtoll band me 4 asken this WTFWTFWTF????

\m/ 666 \m/
in darknes my heart was won :)


im bak so woo missed me?

omg im so stoaned rite now... LOL

my mom iz nice 2 me now sints i casted that wickan curse on her. 

oh n i red in scoot cuntinghamz book dat wen u do wickin cursez u need 2 go buy materalz n go hunten 4 annamalz 4 there fur. i dont have any carraboos in my naborhood so i wuz wandrin if ne1 can male me 1?

wen u do spallz 4 ur own gain 2 get wat u 1t u can centrol teh univerce.
in darknes my heart was won :)

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so sum dum horse haked my jurnol n rote all this dum shit. my mom met harvey n she calld teh poolees n had him sent 2 jail wtf she is a dum bitch fuckin playa hata!!!!!!!!!!!! i shud kick her ass!!!!! im sick of dis shit!!

fuck dis shit im sick of it ur goin down dis is a WAR!!!!!!
in darknes my heart was won :)

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wel i hope my frends can keep a seecrit frum my boyfrend i have been cheiten on him with another guy named Harvey that i met in a sematerry 1 nite. he bot me dinner @ burger knig n we xchanged screnanames so i m tlaken 2 him rite now. he tlod me that he soemtimes unexpectidly goes away 4 a real long tiem becuz of girls like maken up lies about him whatever that means.

wel here is his pic:

in darknes my heart was won :)

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u betr stop telen ppl dat i m fake cuz im bgettin real mad at it n i m gona come 2 ur house n teetch u a lessin bitch! fuk u! i adid u cuz u seem cool n nwo u r jsut meen n rood.

but that is teh sotry ov my life i spose.

its ranen out. i shud go take a walk cuz i feel liek cryin n no1 can tell dat u r n u can jus blame it on teh cold winds.

my blakcind soul seeks relees frum ur whitend clutch
i cry at teh thots of your mortel touch
i m a vampier cant u c?
what ur touchen will do 2 me?
it will maek me humen again
forsed 2 live as a woman
i liek being immortal cuz i liek 2 fly
anywear i want all over teh sky
u is nuthen but a mud
olny good 4 ur salty blood
in darknes my heart was won :)

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ugh i was in school 2day n tihs darma queen spred rumors sayen that i have aids. i askde her y she wud say dat shit n she sed 'duh bich! all ppl frum yourip r skuzzy n get aids wen they live there so u got it now 2!!'

so i punched her n got her blood al over my childrin of bodem hatecure shirt. it was so fuckin grim lol.

now who has teh aids dumb bitch!
in darknes my heart was won :)

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wel i m bak hom ebecaus yoyrup suked i gto depresd cuz i had 2 walk 2 miles 2 mcdonald's everday n i coodint hav it i wuz stratin 2 get used 2 it witch scarred me so i caem bak here.

hwo wus all yalls tanksgibbon? mine was great! i ate:

8 whoppers
3 miklshakes
4 orders of frys
1 turkey
1 pot of mahsd potaots
3 boxs of stufin
7 99 cent nugits
2 punkin pies

wel i have a dozzin eggs cooken 4 me dwonstares so i gotta bounce. later.h
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in darknes my heart was won :)

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wel rember ym moms boss? wel i wsa depersed so he felw here in his jet n bot me a ton ov wednys last week@!! dats y i havmet bene on hear cuz he n i r bakc 2gethr n he sed taht hed lvoe me so good hed maek me 4get all abot marlin mancon n hed gte a mackover dun liek danny filth!!!! mmmm bye! he bot sum bondidge clotes at lip survis. wel im gona go n give hmi a blowjob. bye!!!!
in darknes my heart was won :)

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wele hear i m in elgnad pacificly lundin. da flite wuz boring cuz my wlakman ran out ov baturrys 10 minutts aftur we tuck off so i had 2 sit in ym 2 seets boord 2 teres. wele i m boord rite nwo i kepe getin durti lucks everware i go b/c i ask a lot ov ppl if dares a hot topik neerbi n dey jus laff n kal me a dum american. o wele tehy r jus jelis cuz we 1/2 fredum n hvae beter fude n moor coler stoors 2 go 2 den dey do so dey call us stupdi LOL!

o n u no wat sux msot? da wite castles hear dun surv bergers dey hvae ppl livin in dem insted WTF

o n helo 2 al ym nu firnds!